Blissfully Soft Feet

I just spent the night with a new friend, Softening Socks from Bliss. I was in a bad mood last night and I decided to treat myself to these socks that I had been eying every time I set foot in Sephora.

Bliss Softening SocksThese socks are different from your normal pair of moisturizing socks because they are gel lined and this actually traps the moisture in while you wear them. I slathered my feet with Philosophy’s Soul Owner and hung out for awhile. The directions say you can wear them for 20 minutes to use them as a treatment or you can wear them overnight so I slept in them. When I took them off earlier this morning, my feet actually looked a bit like prunes. That just goes to show how powerful these socks actually are, 20 minutes was really all I needed. It is a bit awkward to walk in these socks, I kept thinking I was going to slip and fall but what’s a little risk in exchange for soft, lovable feet? 🙂 I didn’t buy the co-ordinating Softening Sock Salve, I figured I had spent enough on this product already but I am sure that any variety of moisturizer would work in combination with these socks.

If I were to nitpick and find a complaint about this product, it would be it’s price tag. This is why I waited so long before actually buying these socks. If I had enough patience to order something online and wait for it to arrive, I might have actually tried GeLuscious Booties instead. This product is half the price and I suspect it works the exact same way.

6 thoughts on “Blissfully Soft Feet”

  1. Oh – I would have a waited too before purchasing a pair of socks – no matter how special, for $50. Cotton socks left on over night with a thick moisturizer will do the trick just as well.

    Hey, I love Bliss too – but I think that price is a bit too high!

  2. I got similar ones from Earth Therapeutics at Bed Bath and Beyond (also available at Kohls) – originally $25, plus discount from one of those 20% off in-store coupons. They work pretty great too. I’d been eyeing the Bliss gel socks, as well as the Bath & Body Works ones, but this seemed to be the best bang for buck for a very similar product…

  3. I got similar ones at BBW (they even look the same) on sale a while back. I love them! I slather my feet with cream and slip these on, and keep them on while I read before going to bed. They come off when I close my book or magazine, and it’s amazing how soft my feet are afterwards.

  4. Thanks for the review- I’m always checking those things out too but have never tried them. I didn’t quite get the whole gel lined thing. Nice to know they are actually worth using for a short period of time and don’t need to be worn overnight. I hate sleeping with socks on!

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