Cuticle Cure

Ouch. That’s pretty much all my cuticles have to say these days. They are dry, dry, dry – which leads to flaking, snags and general hand shame. You know what I’m talking about – you know your manicure looks terrible so you curl your fingers into your palms, hoping no one will notice. I’ve been slathering hand lotion on like crazy, but it’s just not doing the trick.

Bliss Manicure's Best Friend Bliss Manicure’s Best Friend is my new best friend. Bliss is renowned not only for their tongue-in-cheek approach to spa treatments but also for the serious thought and quality that goes into each and every one of their products.

Bliss Manicure’s Best Friend comes in a slim, portable tube – perfect for tucking into pants pockets, purses – anywhere you and your hands are going to be. To make the most of the ultra-hydrating properties of the product, I wash my hands with lukewarm water, dry lightly and then pipe a line of cream around each of my nail beds. I let it soak in for a moment and then rub the rest into my cuticles. They wind up feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. The formula has a slight lemony scent to it – although certainly not overpowering. It’s light and fresh – which is exactly how your hands will end up feeling.

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  1. Ooh, this sounds good! I usually use Solar Oil on my cuticles. But I’d like to have something more portable to carry around in my bag, since carrying around a bottle of oil isn’t sensible 🙂

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