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I don’t know about you but sometimes I go to Sephora’s website and look through their list of brands to see if I spot something new. No offense Sephora, but your list of “Just Arrived” products really is not what has just arrived. When I saw the product page for Bite Beauty, I was immediately intrigued because a brand focusing on lips is a brand after my own heart.

Bite Beauty was created with the idea that daily lipstick application should enhance your beauty and not cover it up. The brand is the first ever to introduce a lipstick line with Resveratrol (a component found in red wine), delivering a micro-dose of antioxidants with every application. Each lipstick delivers the antioxidant equivalent of five glasses of red wine.

The brand is making its appearance in select Sephora stores now but if it is not in a store near you, here’s what’s available on Sephora.com:

  • Luminous Crème Lipstick – retails for $24 and is available in 21 long lasting shades.
  • Lip Shine – retails for $20 and is available in 10 translucent tints.
  • Superfruit Butter – retails for $18 is available in 4 superfruit flavors.
  • Vitamin Gel – retails for $18 and is available in 5 sheer flavors.
  • High Pigment Matte Pencils – retails for $24 and is available in 6 matte, long lasting shades.
  • Lip Rouge – retails for $22 and is available in 6 shades suitable for lips and cheeks.

Luminous Crème Lipstick
The exceptionally smooth lipstick that delivers lush, long-lasting color and moisture-rich coverage in a palette of 24 alluring shades ranging from modern nudes to provocative plums. Organic fruit butters create a creamy texture that conditions and nourishes lips with every use, while antioxidant-rich Resveratrol fights free radicals and helps reduce the appearance of lines.

Lip Shine
A glossy, translucent tint in eight illuminating colors ranging from blush nudes to vibrant, color-rich reds. Infused with time released jojoba beads and an anti-oxidant Polyphenol Complex, this luscious lip treatment delivers the perfect pairing of hydration and intense shine.

Superfruit Butter
A multi-use miracle elixir that contains concentrated whole super fruits to protect, nourish and moisturize skin and lips, keeping them sensually smooth and alluringly soft. Each fleck of color in these butters is a whole piece of fruit! Each fruit butter treatment – acai, blueberry, cranberry and pomegranate – provides a unique benefit, and has some of the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) values of any food. Use it on lips, cuticles – anywhere.

Vitamin Gel
Lick-worthy lip gel that combines the benefits of micronized multivitamins with healthy organic fruit juices to give a sheer and gentle shine to lips. Mood-enhancing essential oils and a high dose of Vitamin C provide a natural pick-me-up to this delicious treatment.

High Pigment Pencil
Matte, long-wearing lip colors with the precision application of a pencil. Micronized pigments provide ultra-concentrated color in six modern shades and antioxidant-rich Resveratrol helps reduce wrinkles and fight free radicals.

Lip Rouge
A two-in-one lip color and blush, offers buildable layers of color with a rich, satin texture. Jojoba conditions and restores while Liposome Complex plumps for sensuous-looking lips and skin.

I received a few samples of the Vitamin Gel, Lip Rouge and Luminous Crème Lipstick and have been testing them out to review them here so stay tuned for more on these soon. So far, I’ve been loving the Vitamin Gel, it is a very nourishing formula. I do need a bit more time with the color though.

So have you picked up anything from Bite yet? What did you try and what did you think? Are you planning to look into Bite? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear what you think.

6 thoughts on “On Our Radar: Bite Beauty”

  1. I tried the Bite lip gels and fruit butter. I was NOT impressed at all. These are just baic lip balms that don’t even smell appealing. Save your money and skip these!

  2. Red wine on my lips? Sounds amazing already! Bite Beauty is all the rage on the interwebs right now. The lip shine sounds really awesome.. actually reminds me of the Yes to Carrots lip gloss I have. 😛

  3. I’m really excited about Bite! This was really informative, thanks so much. I first saw Bit on British Beauty Blogger, but it was more of a blip. I like where they’re going with this antioxidant situation!

  4. My best friend loves reds and bought the lipstick in Rhone. She LOVED IT! So much so, she got me out to the store to try it! I’m pregnant and so I’m trying to only use make up products that are natural and good for me. BITE is ideal for this! I prefer a matte look so I picked up the high pigment pencil in Bouquet. Oh so pretty…

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