Birchbox Preview: Cynthia Rowley + Band-Aid “Beach Sport Kit

Tucked inside my handbag is my “mom kit.” I’m not a mom, but you’d never know it by the endless aspirin, hand sanitizer, dental floss, Neosporin and Band-AidsI carry around. I’m basically a walking CVS. Which is good, since I happen to injure myself quite often (curling irons are my nemesis as are the corners of desks and tables). Oh, and I average 1-2 blisters a week from all of the walking I do. I’m really awesome at life, at least I like to think. Now that you have some context, it will come as no surprise that I am JAZZED about these Cynthia Rowley BAND-AIDs is selling in their shop. Like an excitement level 10.

The prints on these “Beach Sport” Band-Aids make me want to go get all athletic at the beach. I especially love the wetsuit zipper one. And the Beach Sport Kit from Cynthia Rowley doesn’t get any handier. The packaging is so cute (my kind of “mom” kit) and there’s tiny packets of Neosporin inside.

The prettiest boo-boo cover-up!

Birchbox is selling both the Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids and the Beach Sport Kit in their store this month. Trust me, the resealable Beach Sport bag makes this so worth it — and honestly, I almost want to get a paper cut just so I can sport one of Cynthia’s designs! What do you think?


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