60 Eyeshadows to Take Your Look From Day to Night


We’re use to seeing “naked” or “smokey” eyeshadow palettes but there’s a bit of a gaping void when it comes to eyeshadow palettes that can take your look from day to night in an instant. This  BH Cosmetics 60 Color BH Day and Night palette fills that void with its newest palette and gives you 60 shadows to play with for only $21. Our bottom line really loves that price… that and we happen to think BH gives good palette.

We’ve recently come to the conclusion that you can never have too many eye shadows. We’ve also come to the conclusion that we have been buying way too much makeup lately. If you’re like us (chances are that this is true, you’re reading a beauty blog after all), consider making an exception for this palette.  We were impressed with its stand out color selection, and amazing pigmentation for just $21 bucks, that’s $0.35 per eye shadow!



We were impressed with this palette from the get go. It has sleek packaging that would be very travel friendly but not too bulky to keep on a vanity. The selection of colors is just perfect. There’s the perfect mix of neutrals and brights, plenty of color choices to make any kind of day or night look. But what really made this palette stand out to us was the variety of finishes; plenty of shimmer, metallic, and matte shades. The different finishes really help you make even more versatile looks by playing with color and texture.

We put this palette’s eyeshadows through a good old fashioned wear test and we’re happy to find that they gave us plenty of wear before there was even a hint of creasing. This happened to be the six-hour mark but the formula kept the color in place for even longer. As for blending, it was a non-issue, these shades blend really easily and there was hardly any fall out to speak of.



There are definitely some stand out shades in this palette. For starters, the matte, deep red is phenomenal. We’ve been really into monochromatic looks lately and that red works amazingly well. We’ve been blending just a bit into the crease to add some warmth and help it tie in with a bold red lip.

Coral is one of our favorite colors, like ever, and when we saw a coral included we just about died. It’s slightly more salmony, but none the less gorgeous. Applied all over the lid lightly with a pop of a lighter color in the middle and a warm brown in the crease helps create a perfect look to transition from summer to fall!


If you want this 60 Color BH Day & Night palette in your life, act quickly… it’s actually on sale for $12.95 right now and we’re not sure how long that price will last!

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  1. 12 dollars?! That’s an amazing price for so many shades! I travel a lot and love makeup so I’ve found it pretty annoying having to always limit the number of shadows as they take up space, but this is a great way of getting a lot of makeup with less space. Thanks for sharing it.

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