Benefit's Watt's Up Amps Up the Luminosity

Benefit’s Watt’s Up is the newest addition to the brand’s already impressive range of  highlighters. It houses a  champagne-colored cream to powder highlighter on one end and a sponge applicator on the other. The color is just lovely. On my skin, it’s got a touch of rose gold, which I love. True to its namesake, Watt’s Up helps amp up the luminosity in a mega way. In fact, Watt’s Up brought out my brave side.

Watt's Up, unblended (top), blended in (bottom)

Usually, I use a light finger dot application or a brush to apply highlighting products, but with Watt’s Up, I applied straight from the tube on my cheekbones. Depending on the product, this technique can result in over-accentuated pores or streakiness, but not with Watt’s Up. After I swipe, I take a brush and blend it in and the result is a natural, soft highlight. The sponge on the one end is quite useful for blending in along the browbone, down the bridge of the nose and other small areas, but I would have loved to see a brush on the other end of the this product! Worth noting is the staying power. It’s fantastic — all day on my skin!

Watt’s Up is available where Benefit is sold for $30. Which is a bargain compared to the $45 Euros I saw it for in Madrid. Seriously, you poor beauty-lovers of Spain!

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