Benefit's Stay Don't Stray: A Stay Put Primer for Concealer and Eyeshadow?

Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stay is a very cool product. It’s a 360-degree primer for the under eye area and eyelids – so both your eyeshadow and concealer stay put. After three weeks of use, I’m still undecided if I love this product. Let’s pro/con it…

Pro: It does help concealer stay but…

Con: …can be a bit heavy looking with concealer over the primer. I find a luminizer works best. I’ve been having a lot of luck with Trish McEvoy’s Luminizer Pen.

Pro: On a good night’s sleep, this can serve as concealer. It’s a nude universal shade, seems to help brighten my skin a bit.

Pro: Primes the eyelid area for the first few hours but…

Con: …doesn’t pull an 8-hour shift unless layered with another base over (like a cream shadow).

I really am torn. I wish that I got better wear on my eyelids, but this is a fantastic undereye prime and can even function as a concealer for me.  Has anyone given this a try? Does it hold up for you?

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