Benefit Sun Beam: Spring Break (the sophisticated kind) in a Bottle

Normally during this point of the winter season, I’m desperately seeking sun and booking trips to Florida. This year, though, I don’t know. I’m sure winter will wear me down eventually, but for 8 days into February, I feel damn good.  You could say my barely there case of the winter blues is easily fixed by Benefit Sun Beam, a.k.a. liquid sunshine. They’ve billed it as that, and while it doesn’t warm me up like the sun, it gives my skin warmth that mimics the sun.

Consider Sun Beam your early Spring Break in a bottle, except not the young, messy, sloshy kind. Rather, the sophisticated version. The kind that involves poolside magazine reading, yoga at dusk, daily spa treatments and just the right amount of champagne.

L-R: Benefit Sun Beam, Girl Meets Pearl, Watt's Up

Sun Beam and its light bronzey hue reminded me a little bit of Girl Meets Pearl, so I decided to compare them and see how they fared. There’s no denying the similarities, which explains why I love it so much (GMP is a fave in our camp!), but Sun Beam is a slightly deeper bronze that leans a little more warm and brassy. The consistency is also slightly different, although both blend like dreams. As for Watt’s Up, I wanted you to see how Sun Beam looked next to that lovely rosy gold cream to powder highlighter.  

On my fair-ish skin, Sun Beam is just the right amount of bronzy highlight. It’s one of those work for everyone shades, I think. If you’re seeking an early spring break, you know where to look.