Benefit Powderazzi Shines This Holiday

Benefit’s holiday offerings are something I look forward to each year. For a couple of reasons. One, it’s always compilations of some of their most popular products. And two, because Benefit knows how to package their products! I always love seeing what they do.


Benefit’s limited-edition Powderazzi is a perfect example. It features three of Benefit’s most popular box o ‘ powders -Coralista (major fav!), Dallas and Hoola – and is packaged in a bright colored sturdy box, not unlike the standard box o’ powder packaging, with a miniature brush.

I picked this up at Ulta a few weeks ago and I love it. Hoola is a matte bronzer – great for countouring fair skin – Dallas is a shimmery, plummy bronze and Coralista is a shimmering peachy-pink. This is a versatile cheek palette and i find it easy to dip my brush over the product I want. In other words, no Coralista creeping up on my Dallas.

This one is limited edition and exclusive to Ulta and HSN. And tis the season…this baby would make a great gift! Throw in a gossip mag subscription and you’ve got yourself a theme:)

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