Trust Benefit, they’re POREfessionals

My thoughts on Benefit’s POREfessional are long overdue. Especially since I bill this as somewhat of a wonder product that I use all the time. Seriously, my tube is so “loved” (a.k.a. battered) because it lives permanently in my purse and is abused by all of the stuff I cram in there!

I picked this up on a whim on a Sephora visit this past summer. It was hot, humid and the end of a long work-day, and I took one look in the mirror at Sephora and gasped. I looked shiny and my pores were all exposed — it was not good. I happened to see this product and thought, why not, let’s just dab this on my face. And in an instant, I looked normal — maybe even better than I did that morning before braving the day.

I’ve tried it under makeup, as a traditional primer, but I find it works best over makeup in the areas where my pores look enlarged or I just need a little smoothing over. I usually apply in my tzone and around my nose about mid-day or so. I’m not the type to reapply makeup, but this is easy and it WORKS! Can’t be without this one.