Popularity Contest

As a lover of all things “bling” I am a big fan of Benefit’s Miss Popularity. I am always trying to achieve that runway model makeup perfection and a little bling definitely helps get you there.

Benefit's Miss Popularity I have found Miss Popularity to be a great portable multi use product. You can use a little right under the arch of the brow to pop that brow bone, after applying blush and bronzer a little or allot depending your style applied along the top of the cheek bone will enhance and give definition. Some of the newer uses I have tried are to apply right above the cupids bow in your top lip, this will pop your pucker and with the precision brush this is pretty easy to accomplish, a little down the bridge of your nose (I like to dot it down, then soften with a brush) can give the illusion of a slimmer appearance and my favorite the inner corners of the eyes can brighten and give the feel of a wider eye.

Then there is the one usage I’m afraid to admit …yep, I have a little bit of a butt chin but if you dot, dot down the middle of the crease the light deflecting abilities in Miss Popularity will soften and blow out the always unloved butt chin on any gal.

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  1. Looks cute – the name is a great pun! Is this supposed to replace the other beneFit highlighters like MoonBeam?

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