New! Benefit Majorette Booster Blush

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit’s New Majorette Booster Blush

Before I really got into makeup (aka before blogging), I never wore blush… I figured my skin had enough redness so why add to it? It was one of those “once in awhile” things. I tend to go dark with my hair in the fall and I was a full-on “embrace your pastiness” gal until I realized I looked way too pale. I’ve told you this before, I’m not really a bronzer person (I only own 1 or 2 now) but blush is now here to stay… especially a cream blush. It is practically obscene how many cream blushes I own.

My current go-to blush is the new Benefit Majorette Booster Blush, a cream-to-powder matte blush designed to be worn underneath your favorite blush or on it’s own for a pretty peach flush. And will you look at this packaging?  Benefit can always be counted on for its gorgeous packing. It’s love at first blush on every level for me.

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Inside Benefit’s Majorette

As a cream-to-powder blush, Benefit’s Majorette has a soft, smooth texture that you can use with your fingers or pick up with a brush. It is soft and pillowey, blending out very nicely on the skin. You can pack on the color for a more intense look or layer your favorite blush on top. I particularly love the finish that Majorette gives, it is right in that sweet spot between matte and dewy.

Speaking as someone who has a lot of thinner cream blushes in sometimes poorly constructed casings, I really appreciate Majorette’s packing.  Benefit took great care to make sure the product itself was protected. The clam-shell like compact is strong and includes a mirror for touch ups and a plastic overlay for the blush itself. Benefit also introduced a new fragrance to its products with Majorette, this time a new peach-pomegranate scent.

The multi-tasker in me really wanted to use Majorette on my lips, but it wasn’t meant to be. I had visions of pairing down the contents of my makeup bag and I wasn’t letting them go. You technically could use this on your lips but really, it is not creamy enough to use as a lip color. The cream-to-powder formula fells nice and smooth on the lips but there’s not enough pigment there to make it work. The color is also a tad too light.

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Pardon the monster hand…

Can you see the light peach flush on the back of my hand? It’s the great “just went for a run” flush so many of us try to emulate. I love wearing Majorette alone but my favorite way to wear her is to lay her down as a base and add a light dusting Rockateur on top. On its own, Rockateur can be a bit too shimmery for me but with a base like Majorette, I get the best of both products. And yes, I just referred to blush as “her”.

I’d love to see Benefit do more with Majorette’s creamy, soft formula. Hopefully we can see more shades, maybe even some we can use on lips as well. That would be major… 😉

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush is in stores now and retails for $28.00. Are you picking this up or did you pick it up already? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for consideration.