All Praise Her Glossiness

Herglossiness I’m not a lipgloss fanatic (I’ll leave that to the experts) but sometimes a nice lipgloss comes along and you just have to recognize for what it is, a good lipgloss. Benefit’s Her Glossiness is a sheer lipgloss that keeps lips soft while it adds shine. It contains jojoba oil so what it lacks in pigment, it tries to make up for in moisture. It’s not too thick andย  sticky so your lips won’t feel like they’re being held together with glue. It’s also not too thin either, I could have sworn I felt like I was wearing lip balm at one point. You can skip the constant need to re-apply your gloss with this one… although you may want to because it smells like sweet peaches. I’ve been using this a lot under stains and I prefer this gloss to the one Pocket Pal comes with… this is much easier to spread around. Try pairing Life on the A List with Benetint for a soft glossy lip.

3 thoughts on “All Praise Her Glossiness”

  1. I will definetely check out their Glossiness… because I am such a benetint junkie. A friend recommended it because I haven’t been a huge “makeup girl” (until recently!) I hate the look of clown cheeks or drastic stripes… benetint gives a very natural flush… love it!

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