The Pink Quick Fix

I have a confession to make… I don’t always have time to wear a full face of makeup. I’m always running late so during the week so my weekday face consists of whatever I have time to put on, on my way to work at stop lights. Sometimes that means nothing at all. Luckily my co-workers don’t run and hide, we have a pretty low-key office. Today is one of those days where I’m dragging and my new “quick fix” product helps me look like I’m somewhat alert.

Benefit's Eye Bright Benefit’s Eye Bright is a great quick fix product for your eyes. It’s a big, chunky light pink pencil that you dot around your eyes to instantly perk them up. You can use it on your under eye area, inner corners or brow bone to give your eyes a more awake look. The product goes on easily without harshly tugging at the delicate skin around the eyes and it blends in nicely as well. At times, I can get away with just this on my eyes and be ready to face the day… it all depends on how much damage I’m really trying to cover up.

I’ve been using this mainly on my under eye area and inner corner of my eyes and I like how it perks me up but aside from those areas, I also really like how it looked on my brow bone. I was debating picking up Mr. Frosty as well but after I saw how this one did, I figured I could pass on it for now. This is one pink eye product that’s not a drag to use at all.

One thought on “The Pink Quick Fix”

  1. This is a great product as is High Brow for under the eyebrow. I think you can skip Mr. Frosty altogether as it is too creamy for that inner corner and maybe even greasy? I took mine back to sephora after only a couple trys. I LOVE Mally’s product for this-Light Wand-from QVC.

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