Copy and Paste

Benefit’s new Erase Paste concealer really made me work for it. I drove to 3 different stores before I found my shade in stock. What did this mean? Is this so popular that stores couldn’t keep it stocked? I really wanted to find out.

Benefit's Erase Paste Benefit’s new Erase Paste is a heavy duty concealer that is meant to brighten and hide imperfections all in one product. I had read that this concealer was really concentrated so I expected something hard to work with. Surprisingly, this concealer is the exact opposite. It has a really creamy texture to it to go along with how concentrated it is so it’s really easy to work with. It covered some of my more serious areas of concern with ease, lasted fairly long and didn’t dry or accentuate the area.

On the negative side, I found this concealer to be a bit much on the eyes. It settled right into the lines in my under eye area time and time again. Also, I’m not a big fan of the product’s packaging. It comes with a little spatula so you can scoop the product out of this little pot. If you lose this, you have to put your fingers in it which is a little cramped and frankly, a little unappealing. I’m starting to get more vigilant about cleanliness in my beauty products and this is a step back from my usual concealer. I’d love to see this change packaging change though.

With all that said, Benefit’s Erase Paste makes a great fuller coverage concealer for those us with areas that require a little more attention. I don’t plan on using this on my eye area but I like the coverage that this gives me everywhere else that I don’t mind having to use another concealer on my eyes. It’s worth looking at but at the very least, give this concealer a once over next time you’re perusing the Benefit display.