Benefit Cosmetics Takes on Snow White and the Huntsman

Benefit’s newest kit, inspired by the upcoming release of Snow White and the Huntsman, channels a fairytale. Benefit Rare Beauty contains five pieces to help you create rosy cheeks and lips, skin as pure as snow and lashes black as night. I don’t know about you, but I’m more about Benefit’s take on Snow White than I am actually seeing the movie! Perhaps its the idea of watching Kristin Stewart run tortured through the woods for a few hours that doesn’t exactly have me running to the box office. But, I’ll happily wear Benetint and High Beam any day of the week!

Benefit included a full-size BADgal Lash Mascara and The POREfessional as well as a deluxe sample of the famed Benetint and a mini High Beam. But the real treat is this lavender and silver makeup case it all comes packaged up in.

Right? Isn’t it cute? It’s very functional and sturdy, too! This bag and the full size The POREfessional (retails for $29) totally sell this for me. You can snag it online or at Sephora for a limited time for $45.

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  1. I’ve been eyeing this for the last or week so, but I already have most of those products, so I would basically just be buying the bag. But still, it’s so cool! Thanks for posting this!

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