Benefit Adds Three News Shades of Bo-ing Concealer

 Benefit’s Boi-ng Concealer is one of the first items I tried from the product line. Ahh, memories. I’ve always found a good match with shade two, light-medium, and I’m kind of a pale chick. With only two shades available, so many of you have been shut out of the Boi-ng market before you could even get in it. But not anymore. Benefit has smartly added three new colors, ranging from 3 (medium), 4 (medium/deep) to 5 (deep).

This concealer is heavier (it’s not called industrial strength for nothing!) and works great to conceal blemishes, dark spots and other flaws. I like to apply directly with my fingers (clean hands when dabbing in the pot!) because the warmth of my fingertips helps blend and cover really naturally. To my not so fair ladies out there, congrats on the new concealer opportunity waiting for you with Boi-ing!

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