New! Benefit Bella Bamba 3D Brightening Face Powder

Benefit granted two Christmas wishes for me: 1) they gave me an awesome spray tan and 2) a new boxed blush, Bella Bamba! Benefit’s newest face powder brings something new to the line-up, with promises of a 3-D brightening effect.

It’s a watermelon pink and seriously packs a punch on the cheeks. It has gold undertones, and really does brighten the face. It’s high shimmer but not overdone or glittery. I’d say that this is the easiest blush to wear because it does the work for you. My cheeks looked scuplted and highlighted in all of the right places. It’s beautiful, and unlike some warm pink blushes that tend to turn coral on my skin, this stays a true pink.

Bella Bamba lightly swatched and blended

It looks fairly safe swatched, right? And you’re probably thinking it may bear some resemblance to Benefit’s Coralista.

L-R: Bella Bamba, Coralista, Benefit Sugarbomb

My dry skin aside, these are all gorgeous shades, right? And as you can see, Bella Bamba is a true pink and much brighter than Coralista. If anything, this shows how similar Coralista and Sugarbomb are. As an added bonus, Benefit redesigned the boxed powder so the lid is attached. I’m ambivalent to this change, but it’s worth noting that it will be the new box design moving forward. And for anyone who uses the brushes that come with Benefit’s boxed powders, you’ll be happy to know that Bella Bamba’s is much improved.

Also, if you’re lucky enough to have a Benefit Boutique in your city, give the spray tan a try. I highly recommend anyone in Chicago to go see La La at the Armitage boutique. She’s fantastic! I got a spray last week before my holiday party, and it looked phenomenal. My only wish is that it lasted longer than a week — I could get used to being bronzed all the time.

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    1. Hey Victoria! I was just looking for it on Monday in different Sephoras and Macy’s I don’t think we’ll see it for a little while around here.

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