Benefit's B Spot Perfume

Benefit B Spot Perfume Benefit has introduced a new perfume called B Spot. This is their second perfume, the first being Maybe Baby (a name that I love by the way), and for now you can find it on their website until it hits stores later this summer. Their packaging it pretty clever, it features a body map to help you find your “B spot”. The notes sound interesting as well, Benefit’s B Spot features notes of mango, freesia, peony, sandlewood and amber.

What do you think? Does this sound like something you’d try? I’m certainly going to try it when it hits stores.

4 thoughts on “Benefit's B Spot Perfume”

  1. No the name is creepy, as is the map. Might as well come on out with the misogyny and name it g-spot.

    “Use our perfume and we’ll please you the way HE never could”


  2. i just had a chance to “try it on” yesterday. i love it! i will definitely be going back to purchase it. it’s a fabulous scent for summer and if you like fresh, lighter scents, i think you will enjoy it.

    regardless of the name and the “map”, it’s a great fragrance that will have a long run. 🙂

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