Belli Acne Clearing Facial Wash: Acne Goes Belli Up

I had light acne as a kid and then grew out of it, now in my thirties…yes, it is back to haunt me a little. I was on the hunt for something to knock it out and in the process tried quite a few lotions and potions as usual. Recently a pregnant friend told me that the Belli’s skincare line was formulated for pregnant women and she raved about their Acne Clearing Facial Wash….well I’m not pregnant but I am always looking for a good product so I stayed open minded and made the purchase.

belli-acne-clearing-facial-wash Belli’s 411 is pretty interesting and really appealed to my healthy side:

Belli Pregnancy has set a higher standard for prenatal safety, as the only skin care line in the world that is teratology screened. We search through over 16 million medical research articles in over 5000 international journals, and use this information to exclude ingredients with even remote links to birth defects or other problems with pregnancy. Belli Motherhood is LactMed screened to avoid ingredients linked to harmful effects during breastfeeding. Belli Baby is screened for xenoestrogens—chemicals which can act like hormones that interfere with normal development of the reproductive system. So no matter which Belli products you use, you can have peace of mind erring on the side of caution.

This is a little more technical than I normally go but at the same time the information is really interesting… these are not concerns women usually have when it comes to their skincare.  I really I love what they are doing and the efforts they are making though. All that chalks up to a product I feel very comfortable using.

So far I’ve been really pleased with Belli’s Acne Clearing Facial Wash. It doesn’t dry me out and it hasn’t caused a flare up of my rosacea. You can use it daily or it can be left on directly as a mask for 5 minutes, I’ve been rotating the 2 approaches. Lastly, I feel really good about all the ingredient screening they do and in the end they still have created a really active wash containing lactic acid that seems to do the job well for me. So if you are in the market for a new acne solution… pregnant or not. Give Belli a try.

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