BECCA Balearic Love Collection Makes the Grade

BECCA’s approach to spring/summer is sultry. When we first saw the Balearic Love Collection, we were intrigued by the color palette. Dark polish? Unexpected. Blush that doubles as bronzer? No-brainer. Pinky nude Lipstick? Gotta have it. New Eye Tint? Sign us up. Anytime there is a new tint from BECCA, be it Beach or Eye, we are excited. I have Carla to thank for my Becca tint obsession.

Sidebar. BECCA is now readily available in Chicago! Walgreens rolled out a new concept store with a Beauty Look Boutique (similar to the Duane Reades in New York) in the Loop and there’s an entire BECCA section.

L-R: Romanticism Eye Tint, Cabrera Line and Define, Bolero Mineral Blush, Valentina Lip Colour

A few weeks with the Balearic Love look, I’m ready to issue a report card.

Mineral Blush, Bolero ($32) BECCA’s blushes blow just about everyone away in the pigment department — seriously. Bolero is this awesome terracotta color that works as a blush or a contouring powder.  Love that it’s a nearly matte finish.

Grade: A

Eye Tint, Romanticism ($24) I’m not sure how BECCA does it, but these manage to be completely crease-proof. The mauve bronze color is beautiful. It takes a few layers to build it up to the intensity seen in the swatch, but wearing it as a base with the eye palette in the collection or a shade like NARS Lhasa brings out the color more.

Grade: A+

Line and Define Pencil, Cabrera ($25) Two liners are better than one, especially when it actually is one. Cabrera’s metallic bronze and deep violet go together like PB&J. I like to layer them together or wear the bronze on the lower lash line and the violet on the upper. I wish the texture were creamier, though.

Grade: B

Sheer Tint Lip Colour, Valentina ($24) These are some of the more moisturizing lipsticks I’ve used – with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Honey and Vitamin E. Valentina is described as a nude pink, but it’s actually more of a sheer strawberry. I love the color, but it came as a surprise.

Grade: B

Nail Colour, Pasa Doble, Tempranillo, Cala Blanca ($15) It’s still a surprise to see BECCA doing polish, and I love it. These shades are an interesting take on spring/summer, but they are pretty. I might get more wear out of Pasa Doble and Tempranillo come fall, but Cala Blanca is a fab nude shade (featured here in a recent Mani Monday)

Grade: B

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  1. I know, it’s a trip to see Becca do nails! I just got Tangerine Dream (or something like that), but am loving the nude-ish beige you’ve shown here.

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