Beauty Stocking Stuffers

If I were to only receive one gift each year at the holidays, it would be a stocking. That’s sort of a trick answer since stockings are filled with tons of goodies…but no need to get technical here! My mom used to (and still does) give the best stockings. Everything from socks to nail polish to candy and jewelry. I just love getting ’em and filling ’em for others.

Here are some beauty stuffers I’ll be putting in stockings this year (or asking for in mine!)


Korres lip butters get a lot of buzz in the beauty circles and for good reason. They smell great (Jasmine is my fav!), impart a little color and are so luxe and soft on the lips.


Available at Bath & Body Works, this orange scented, sugar-based exfolilating scrub works wonders on your hands in under a minute. I think I first tried this item after I got it as a stocking stuffer – and I’ve been hooked since.


OPI has a ton of great holiday gift sets featuring their beautiful “Holiday Wishes” color collection. There are three different variations of this set, Orna-ment for you, and it’s completely adorable. (Hint, hint…anyone reading this that stuffs my stocking?!) I’ve seen these at Ulta, but I think they’re disappearing fast and furiously.


The face kits that MAC released with their holiday collection this year are so cool. They feature a blush, a highlight and a beauty powder.  I actually put this on my Christmas list to my husband’s parents!


Makeup bags! Specifically the Film Noir Ivory Diamond bags from Sephora. One of my favorite makeup bags ever is the Sephora clutch and this pattern and style is so glam. It comes in red and black too!

What’s your stocking stance? Any stuffers on your wish list/give list that you want to share? The more ideas the merrier!

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  1. Uh oh…I have a “white quilted” disorder. I am insanely attracted to any quilted fabric (my couch is white leather quilted…had to have it).

    I love the one with the handle. Looks like a post-Christmas Sephora trip is on my list.


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