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I’ve loved perfume ever since I was a little girl. I use to love going to Nordstrom with my mother. I’d break away from her and go to the beauty department and before long, I’d befriend someone, get a few samples and find my way back to my mother. By the time I was in 3rd grade, I had my own stash of perfume samples that I treasured.

One of my favorite perfumes (I can’t narrow it down to just one!) is Serge Lutens Clair de Musc, it is a beautiful powdered musk with notes of bergamot, neroli and iris. I picked it up a few years ago and I love this perfume so much that I ration myself to make the bottle last as long as possible. I try to only wear it on special occasions and holidays but sometimes I sneak in a spritz just because.

So what perfumes my fellow beauty bloggerati loving right now? Keep reading to find out!

I’m SMITTEN with Tokyomilk Satsuma Petit Parfum Solide. The scent is refreshingly citrusy, thanks to its blend of honeyed grapefruit, Brazilian orange and crushed tangerine. It’s vibrant and bright, but not too strong. It’s tiny, it travels well AND even comes with precious little mini note cards. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! -Amber, Beauty Blogging Junkie

Tie between Marc Jacobs Rain Splash and Crazy Libellule and the Poppies Vanilla Ganache. I just did a love note to Vanilla Ganache on my blog, basically obsessing over the little solid perfume stick and why I just CANNOT get enough of the gorgeously sweet smelling scent. Marc Jacobs Rain Splash is my go to when I want a nice, clean, fresh scent – it’s what I would guess that “raining in the forest” scene in Bambi would smell like. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the bottle is massive- I’ve had that thing for 3 years now, used it at least twice a week and barely put a dent in it. – Megan, Beauty on a Dime

My signature scent is Hanae Mori Butterfly. I’ve been wearing it for so long that I can’t quite remember when I was first introduced to the fragrance. Hanae Mori Butterfly even got me in a fight once. A few years back, one of my BFF’s and I had this ridiculous argument over who has been wearing Butterfly the longest. The answer is me, for the record. The fragrance is a rare blend of berries and flowers, with a distinctive tone of strawberries and almond, that gives the impression of vanilla. – Daneen, Spoiled Pretty

My signature perfume is Dolce & Gabbana The one. The sexiest scent, I have people follow me and I get so many compliments. What I love about this perfume is that it’s soft enough for daytime and sultry at night time. It does it all!! Honestly, I feel “not normal” wearing anything else. I also use the Dolce & Gabbana The One perfumed body lotion. It’s infused with golden shimmer, and you know how much I LOVE body shimmer. 🙂 – Marta, Talking Makeup

I’m not a huge perfume fan, but I do love Pacifica’s solid perfumes. Lotus Garden and Bali Lime Papaya are my two current favorites. Besides smelling fabulous, Pacifica is committed to using natural ingredients that are non-toxic, non-irritating and 100% vegan. – Sarah, Hair Thursday

My absolute favorite go-to perfume is YSL Rive Gauche. It is just so feminine to me and it has the most beautiful powdery dry down. Every time I wear it I always get compliments and people asking what I’m wearing. – Lisa, These Lips Are Made For Glossin’

My favorite perfume is kind of cliche and not something very exotic…it’s actually Jennifer Lopez’s original “Glow” perfume. I know it’s something that 14 year old girls wear (and I wish I could say I wear “Chanel” or something mysterious), but it’s so soft and girly- that I love it! – Bailey, Makeover Momma

I’m very scent-sitive to perfume, so I don’t wear it often (It can give me headaches.) The only one I will wear from time to time is Bond No. 9 Little Italy. It’s a pretty straightforward citrus scent–even the bottle is solid orange. It smells to me like an orange Tic Tac–not the most exotic, but it’s one of the few scents that works for me! – Anne, Jet Set Girls

I really like YSL Parisienne, though I’ve heard others report that they think it smells like an old lady’s perfume. haha (I hope that’s not an indication that I’m considered in that category!!). My true test with perfume is if I like the way it smells in the bottle and I spritz it on and don’t smell it on myself during the day, then it’s a winner. If I notice the smell, it doesn’t sit well with me. My husband likes it too. – Tammy, A Mom in Red High Heels

If I had to choose a signature scent it would be KenzoAmour, but now my daughter Bailey wears it nearly every day so I feel like I’ve been robbed. Haha. I also love Armani Code which is a similar powdery oriental scent. Lately I’ve been forcing myself to experiment with new fragrances every day. I’m surprisingly happy with Tom Ford White Patchouli, it’s kind of dark and mysterious (compared to my flowery stuff) and lasts forever. – Erika, Makeup Bag

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  1. My favorite perfume for this year has been the Ed Hardy pink bottle(I can never remember the name). I have gone through two bottles. Although my two daughters also wear it sometimes. It’s the only perfume that I love the notes from the beginning to the end. And I know I probably wear it too strong at times because I try to spray it a couple of times a day just so I can freshen it up. I even layer this scent with the shower gel and the shimmer body lotion so it does last longer.

  2. My favorite scent is Burberry Brit … but I also love Burberry Brit Gold, which was a holiday limited edition several years ago and is tough to get now (I ration myself on that one). However, I have recently discovered Estee Lauder’s Sensuous, and I’m really wanting a full size in that at the moment. Finally, the other two scents I wear are from of all places, Bath and Body Works – I’ve loved Black Amethyst for a while, and I have been pleasantly suprised by Twilight Woods (which I am wearing today). I guess the theme in all these is a warm, woody base… some amber and/or musk in there doesn’t hurt either. 🙂 I am just not a floral-scent girl….

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