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Brushes are an obsession of mine right now… one of many obsessions. 🙂 I recently picked up the Laura Mercier Deluxe Mini Brush Set, another MAC 217 brush to apply concealer and Shu Uemura Natural 18 Goat Brush for foundation.

With the Laura Mercier set, I just couldn’t pass it up. How perfect is this for traveling? I’m taking this baby to Fashion Week in February for sure. That was my excuse for picking this set up… plus with the Sephora Friends & Family sale and a giftcard for my birthday I paid about $20 for this set.

With the MAC 217 brush, I recently spent some quality time with a senior artists at my local MAC store and I was surprised when used this brush on me to apply concealer. In fact, this artist actually owns quite a few 217 brushes and uses each one differently. The fibers in this brush are fantastic for a natural looking and buildable application. Plus the size is perfect for the undereye area or a spot application. When Rick was done, my skin was gorgeous… and looked like it was completely bare.

When I picked up the Shu Uemura 18 brush, I had the same premise in mind… relying on the fibers in the brush to give myself a more natural application with foundation. The MAC 217 brush is great but in this case, I wanted to get something bigger to cover a wider area. When I met Gina Brooke and had an artist at the Shu counter use my makeup, they used this brush and when you combine this brush and the Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick Foundation… perfection!

I’ve decided I can’t live without these brushes so I wanted to know what brushes my fellow Beauty Bloggerati were loving…

mac-266“My eyebrows would look like a hot mess if it weren’t for the MAC 266. It is the best brush for filling in brows!” – Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog

“I love the new Double-Ended Color Dipped Brushes at Sephora, especially the yellow Every Day Eye Brush. I am also faithful to the brushes from Lebec Makeup Atelier. They are so compact and long lasting!” – Tammy at A Mom in Red High Heels

“I just love the little, fat kabuki brush from Bare Escentuals, because it really does help any kind of mineral makeup or powder go on quickly, smoothly and evenly.” – Bailey at Makeover Mamma

“Laura Mercier blush/bronzer brushes are the Mercedes-Benz of brushes! For liner, I love MAC’s 266 Small Angle Brush. Benefit’s concealer brush has established residency in my makeup bag for years. I love the brand’s grey-handled ones.” – Amber at Beauty Blogging Junkie

darac-beauty-tourquam-luxe-brush“For applying powder products, nothing compares to Darac’s TourQuam 3-D Face Sculpting Brush. Nothing. This Jetsons-esque tool has a magnet hidden in the handle. Because all powders have an iron oxide, magnetic base, the brush attracts the perfect amount of product. Which means no wasting your precious powders. And no more tapping and blowing on the bristles to avoid looking like a character straight outta Kabuki theater. So not necessary.” – Daneen at Spoiled Pretty

“For powder I use Fresh’s 01 Powder Brush. For eye shadow I use Mac’s Short Shader Brush for the crease and for the lid I use Mac’s Fluff Brush. For use of mineral powders or some super pigmented blushes I have the Mac Duo Fibre Brush. I absolutely can’t live with out this brush. It is totally worth the $42.00.” – Lisa at These Lips Are Made For Glossin

“I am obsessed with my makeup brushes and couldn’t live without them. I have an entire list of favorites, but here’s are three that I’m really liking right now. Shu uemura #15 Pure Kolinsky eyeshadow brush. This brush is big and fluffy and allows me to apply a base shadow in 2 seconds. It’s ridiculously expensive, but totally worth it. MAC #116 Blush Brush. MAC senior artist Luc Bouchard turned me on to this and I can’t live without it. It’s sort of flat, so it’s perfect for contouring and adding a pop of color just on the apples of cheeks. Laura Mercier Eye Crease Brush. This is the brush that I’ve bought 4 times because my girls keep swiping it from me. I love to apply shadow over my eyeliner to create a smudgy line that’s less defined. This brush is perfect for doing this as it has a tapered tip. Also, it’s the best brush for adding color into your crease without getting it all over the place. Love this brush!” – Erika at Makeup Bag

“I love great brushes and I’ve always used Laura Mercier’s. Lately, though I’ve been filling in my old brushes with Sonia Kashuk’s from Target: they are full, natural, have great handles and work very well, plus they are a bargain!” – Hope at The Jet Set Girls

sonia-kashuk-double-duty-brush-set“Essence of Beauty Brushes from CVS are great quality for the price-they are soft and hold up well. Sonia Kashuk Brushes from Target- amazing quality and great price also.

Best Face Blending brush: Too Faced Kabuki -this brush is retractable so the bristles stay well formed and is perfect for traveling with! The bristles are extremely soft, and the quality is amazing! Best brush for applying eyeshadow: MAC 239 – this brush is flat yet stiff so packs on color really well. Eyeshadow Blending Brush: MAC 224 -this soft dome shaped brush blends out harsh lines with ease. It can also be used to apply concealer under the eyes as it gives a thin feathered coat so as not to get cakey buildup under the eyes. Best Eyeliner Brush: Sonia Kashuk Bent Liner – the bent handle and fine bristles make this perfect for achieving that cat eye or winged liner look with ease. Just this brush and a little gel or cream liner and you’re good to go. 😉 Best Smoky Eye: MAC 217: the stiff dome shaped bristles make creating that smoky eye super easy!” – Marlena at Makeup Geek

“I love Sephora’s brushes, specifically the Sephora Professionnel Platinum Brushes.” – Jennifer at Beyond Beauty Basics

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