Be Fine Rough Spot Lemon Balm

When we were in Paris, we went to the Beyond Beauty trade show. This was one of my favorite things that we did while we were there. This trade show featured different beauty brands from all over the world. One of the brands that I spent a little time with at the show was Be Fine Food Skin Care.

Be Fine Rough Spot Lemon Balm When I walked up to their booth, I noticed one product in particular, the Rough Spot Lemon Balm. The idea behind this product is that you open up the “lemon” and on each side you have a skin softening balm to get rid of those rough spots on knees and elbows. I couldn’t help but think of Lianne from the Makeup Girl when I saw this, this is after all her motto.

When you open the Rough Spot Lemon Balm, it even smells just like a lemon. It helps smooth skin with shea butter and avocado oil. It also has vitamins A and E in it to help nourish skin. I’ve been using this product on and off since I got back and results have been good. I don’t think that this performs any better than an average moisturizer but I am really enjoying the smell and the packaging here. The novelty of this product is defintiely working on me.

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  1. I have seen this only once! I got a hold of one from Harris Teeter but it was broken! Couldn’t get the dang thing open! :-(. I think I’ll keep rubbing real lemons on my elbows, love the idea though!

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