Ten or Less Thursday: Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo

Batiste’s Blush Dry Shampoo is a “Ten or Less” must-have! Must-have I tell you! In my torrid history with dry shampoos, I’ve been promised the world but most of the time just ended up with dirtier hair that in many cases was downright disgusting to the touch. To say I was a disenchanted and perhaps straight-out disinterested with dry shampoos would be an accurate statement.

But I made an exception and tried Batiste. After all, I’m not immune to the rave reviews. It warranted an experiment. In Batiste’s favor: variety and price (cheap!). Working against it: my wariness. But even I can be proven wrong.

This zaps up oil but doesn’t leave behind any film or indication that you just aerosol-ed the heck out of your head. I find it can also be used on your actual hair as opposed to just the roots. It helps give a little volume and breathes new life into your hair — whether it’s dirty or clean really. In fact, I might be guilty of overusing this! I also love the smell of the Blush. Honestly, it’s like “old lady” in a good way. If that sounds awful, the original is just as effective.

Disclosure: We received a sample

4 thoughts on “Ten or Less Thursday: Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo”

  1. Marcy — You can find this at Sally’s stores — and it’s available online allover the place — drugstore.com, Amazon, Ulta (might be in-store too but I can’t recall seeing it at mine!)

  2. TRESemme has a new product line called, Fresh Start, for mommies like me who dont have time to wash their hair everyday. Have you tried their Dry shampoo yet? I’ve been using the anti Frizz product from the same line and it seems to be keeping my naps in check. Its pretty humid here in Texas! What is your solution to frizz?

  3. Lash Girl – I have tried the Tresemme Fresh Start line — the hair refresher and the waterless foam and dry shampoos. They have a nice scent but quite honestly, they do not control oil very well. I wouldn’t recommend the dry shampoos — but there are a ton of other gems in the Tresseme line!

    I don’t have traditional frizz — my hair just gets limp and flat! If you haven’t already, you should try Living Proof’s line (Sephora sells it) — I know it works wonders for frizz.

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