Scrub-sessed! Bath & Body Works Into The Wild Smoothing Body Scrub

I’ve found my “it” exfoliator of the summer: Bath & Body Works Into the Wild Smoothing Body Scrub. I’m “scrub-sessing” in a big way. Some scents just strike you, and Into the Wild has absolutely captivated my attention. All other body scrubs have been sitting idle in my shower, as a result. This scrub is a master at its trade, and exfoliating is so necessary in the summer, especially with all of the self-tanners I’ve been using. It’s a misnomer that you’ll exfoliate the tan off of you. You actually need to slough off that dead skin in order to keep the tan looking natural and fresh.

The formula contains super-fine walnut shells, hydrating coconut milk and moisturizing Vitamin E. It’s got a very beachy, sandy texture without the beachy smell. This is not your average tropical scent, rather it’s a blend of mandarin, petals and white woods. To me, it has a smokey overtone and is a touch on the exotic side.

And the best part, you can snag this at Bath & Body Works for $14. However, because they are masters of the sales and coupons, you can probably get this for an even better deal. And you should, it’s amazing! I know I’ll be stockpiling this one:)

One thought on “Scrub-sessed! Bath & Body Works Into The Wild Smoothing Body Scrub”

  1. The packaging is so cute and I love everything tropical! I’ll have to test this the next time I’m at the mall. I haven’t been to Bath & Body Works in so long now that I think about it.

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