Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Pump Rant

You know the saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, that about sums up how I feel about Bath & Body Works packaging redesign of its anti-bacterial hand soaps, particularly the Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps. Aesthetically, there is nothing wrong. In fact, I like the shorter bottles. My issue lies solely with with the pump. It should be as simple as pressing down, but no matter what I do the soap flies everywhere. I have to carefully cup my hand around the nozzle in order to prevent that from happening. I also notice resistance in pressing down on the pump, which just adds to the problems.

All of the pump malfunctioning appears to impact the formula too. It comes out a little watery and doesn’t have the foaming pizzazz it used to. I’ve tried a few different bottles and even surveyed my sister, also a huge fan of the gentle foaming, and she noted a marked difference in the pump. Time for the packaging engineers to take another stab, please!

Anyone else experiencing any issues? To remedy, I’m switching to the Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing and Moisturizingvarieties. But I miss my gentle foam!

3 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Pump Rant”

  1. THANK YOU!!! your post makes me feel so much better knowing it’s not just me! I got these all the time and the old pumps were just fine and these are sooooo annoying, i ended up just throwing some of them out because getting the soap out was such a frustration!

  2. YES!!! I love the smell and how it works. But the pump is terrible. I find it flys out so fast and gets everywhere. It makes it extra frustrating that I also have a 5 year old trying to use it. He has OCD about these things and it sometimes results in tears. So sad.

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