Solid Like a Rock

Whenever I think of this set, I think of Time Life infomercials for their classic rock CD sets. The words “solid like a rock” stay in my head. I normally wouldn’t pick this set up on my own but since I got some Sephora gift cards for my birthday recently, why not?

Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection At first glance, the Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection seems like an interesting set. It’s got gloss, eyeshadows, blush, all over color, mascara and brushes all in a faux leather bag. While the bag was a disappointment for me (the color was rubbing off right out of the box!), the rest of the set was not.

I love the brushes in this set, especially the Full Flawless Face brush. It’s big and fluffy, a lot softer than I remember Bare Escentuals brushes being. They also have a cute little faux diamond on the handle. I’m glad I bought the set just for those. The gloss is nice as well with it’s texture and is great to top off a lip stain with. I’ve never tried their eyeshadows until now but it looks good so far. The Classic Rock shade reminds me of Laura Mercier’s Mineral Eye Powder in Milky Way. Only it doesn’t seem as intense or metallic. The only item I’m not so sure of is the dual mascara. It seemed that the glitter in it was just a little too thick but this may mean I just need a little more practice with it.

Overall, I definitely think this Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection is a set Bare Escentuals fans will love.