Barbie Loves Stila Color Collection

Have you laid eyes on the Barbie Loves Stila Color Collection yet? I got a chance to play around with it a bit yesterday and immediately started wishing there was some sugar daddy that could help me out with this makeup addiction of mine. Maybe I should take out a Craiglist ad that says “beauty addict seeks sugar daddy to support out of control makeup addiction”.


By now I’m sure you’re familiar with Smudge Pots, these fabulous little pots of color that can be used as eyeliner or shadow that do not budge. The colors from this limited edition collection are just gorgeous. As seen here, they are  Cobalt Clutch, Purple Pumps and Little Black Dress. Now don’t let Little Black Dress fool you, it’s not a plain Jane black. It actually has a surprise for you, this shade has a little purple glitter mixed in. I wanted them all but in the end, I took Little Black Dress home with me.


The All Doll’d Up Palette definitely has some fun shades to play dress up like Barbie with. Only a few of the shades lend themselves to everyday wear but the bold colors are what is fun about this palette. Of course the eyeshadows themselves are what you’ve come to expect from Stila, rich pigmentation and great blendability (is that even a word? it should be).

Check out the rest of the Barbie Loves Stila Color collection, the lip glosses and felt tip eyeliner is worth taking a look at. Have you picked up anything from this collection?  Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Barbie Loves Stila Color Collection”

  1. this collection caught my eye in the ulta ad/catalog last night. but after going to ulta with a friend last week, what I really want is some urban decay. some *beautiful* colors there!

  2. I bought Purple Pumps over Little black dress and Cobalt Clutch at sephora last week, i fell in love with all 3. I want the whole barbie line!!
    It’s absolutely amazingg!!!!
    I could wear it everyday!!

    I was really into urban decay, but with this barbie line, stilla is really up there now!!

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