Sponsored Post: Axe Twist Bodyspray

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Have you seen the commercials for the new Axe Twist line? I love their commercials, they are always very clever and this one was intriguing. Axe Twist is the newest fragrance from Axe, a fragrance that changes over time to keep us girls interested. Luckily Axe approached the Beauty Bloggerati and we were able to experience the Twist for ourselves.

Axe worked with fragrance designer Ann Gottlieb (the nose behind fragrances included Obsession, Eternity, Daisy for Marc Jacobs, Covet for Sarah Jessica Parker and many more) to create this new scent. Maybe that’s why I was instantly reminded of an expensive cologne and a boy who wore it that I crushed very, very hard on. Oh how I loved the way that he smelled.

Twist starts out very fresh and clean with citrus notes as it opens. It is very bright and young in the beginning but as the notes of cedar and sandalwood also in the fragrance start emerging, this is toned down and the woody notes warms things up nicely. The result is sexy and masculine, I definitely wouldn’t mind my gentleman caller rocking some Twist.

Here’s where you can try Axe Twist. We are giving away 15 sets of Axe Twist for the boy/man in your life. Each set includes a body spray, deodorant stick and antiperspirant stick. To enter just leave a comment on this post from now until Monday, April 19th at midnight PST and the lucky 15 winners will be chosen at random the following day. Good luck!