Shockingly Fat Lashes

I am a self-proclaimed lash connoisseur. I’ve tried just about every mascara on the market in an attempt to turn my limp, fine, blonde eyelashes into a thick, full, long, curly lashes without having to get them glued on or surgically implanted.

Avon Supershock Mascara Recently, I was fortunate enough to try Avon’s Supershock Mascara. Perhaps they call it Supershock because you will be in shock when you see that the formula actually lives up to its claims! Avon describes the product, “Unique microfibers instantly expand and plump lashes to larger-than-life proportions…for head-turning drama in a flash. Up to 12x more volume…in a single step.”

What sets this mascara apart from the rest is that it uses the same great rubber bristles that we have seen and loved in mascaras like Chanel’s Inimitable and Max Factor’s Lash Perfection. Yet this time the brush is, well how shall we put this lightly… obese. The fat brush combined with a great formula creates a mascara that will not let you down. It separates lashes, provides immense buildable volume that will not clump, flake or smudge. You’ll wish your mascara would put on the pounds.