Hannah Mania

Avon's Hannah Montana Line In case you haven’t seen Miley Cyrus’ face on every magazine cover, TV commercial, DVD, or gossip blog, now you can stare at her in your very own home. Disney teamed up with Avon to create a bath and body collection featuring Hannah Montana herself. Avon is targeting tweens and fans of the show with some playful products that are fun and girly. The packaging features Cyrus’ face on every label, along with pink and purple butterflies and flowers.

The comprehensive line features a yummy green apple-scented 2 in 1 and Shampoo and Detangler, Vitamin E and Aloe Shower Gel, Hand Cream and Vanilla Lip Balm. It is reasonably priced, ranging from $.99 to $3.99. I wonder when Hannah Montana the Perfume will be out.

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  1. Actually the perfume already is out. My six year old cousin got one for her birthday. *rolls eyes*

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