SPF Saviors: Aveeno Hydrosport

Summer is on, officially, and we’ve been testing sunscreens like mad to find the best of the best. While SPF is a must at all times of the year, it’s especially important to load up during the summer when you’re exposing more skin and soaking up the warm sunshine. I like to get in as much beach and pool time as I can during the warm months, but admittedly, I’m guilty of not reapplying sunscreen as often as I should. Which is why the Aveeno Hydrosport line is a beach essential.

While no sunscreen is truly waterproof, Aveeno’s Hydrosport is as close as it gets. It contains Natural Lotus Complex, which is a water-repellant that clings to skin even when it’s wet – be it water or sweat. It’s pretty stubborn, you could say. And, you can even apply it to wet skin. The formula isn’t sticky in the least, and feels lightweight on. The Sunblock Spray is uber convenient for the beach, but I really like the lotion. It has a pleasant scent and blends into the skin well. If you are a beach dweller or very active, Hydrosport would be a perfect sunscreen for you.

Also, while we’re talking sunscreens, it’s important to note the new FDA regulations that will go into effect in 2012. For example, the Aveeno Hydrosport label will likely look very different, as will many others on the market. I think this is to our benefit, and we encourage you to read up on the matter! Check out Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic’s analysis on the matter. She breaks it down well.

And stay tuned for more of our SPF Saviors!

2 thoughts on “SPF Saviors: Aveeno Hydrosport”

  1. Thanks for this post and the subsequent link over to 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. I had no clue about the new SPF regulations or even that the prior ones didn’t cover UVA!

  2. Is the spray scented as well? I tried Neutrogena’s wet skin sunblock and it didn’t have any added smell to it and it smelled a bit odd.

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