Smooth, Shiny Hair from Aveda

After loading up on “essentials” (by my definition, anyway) at Sephora the other day, I was unexpectedly lured into the nearby Aveda store. I don’t know if they were secretly pumping their signature scent, found in the Shampure line of hair products, or what but I could not stop myself from walking in.

Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid A sales clerk greeted me with a cup of tea, but I was completely distracted by her hair. It was shiny and bouncy and I could just tell it smelled good…everything I want in my own hair! Sensing my envy, and getting a look at my slightly puffy hair, she steered me toward Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Within seconds, she pumped some of the clear liquid onto her fingertips, waved them in front of my nose so I could appreciate the delicious lavender scent, and then smoothed the product over my strands. And there I had it! Smooth, shiny, good smelling hair! I was sold.

An added benefit of the Light Elements Smoothing Fluid is that it can be applied to wet or dry hair. It doesn’t build up and weigh hair down, nor does it make your hair feel greasy. With my naturally wavy hair, I get maximum smoothness by applying it right out of the shower and then as a finishing step once my hair is done. Girls with straight or curly hair will love this product.

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  1. I had this, but it caused my scalp to break out 🙁 it can be very greasy, so be careful while applying!

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