Nuts about Kaponga Nut Parfum

Kaponga Like most people I enjoy smelling good. I like the scent I apply in the morning to last throughout the day and incite numerous people to stop me and ask “What are you wearing?” Well, Kaponga Nuts Creme de Parfum No. 5 is bringing it on all fronts. It is strong but not overwhelming, long-lasting but subtle. The yummy mix of vanilla, wild flora and jasmine is the perfect note for fall. I haven’t had a chance to smell the other two flavors, No.13 & No.4, but judging from their descriptions they sound simply delightful.

The coolest thing about this product is the fact that is a cream. I know, it blew my mind too. You still apply it in all the standard scent points on your body but instead of spraying it, you use your fingers to rub it in. I think this is why it lasts so long because it is like a lotion but with a more concentrated scent. Also, the packaging is so original and compact you will want to take it everywhere instead of lugging around a giant, glass bottle of perfume in your purse. I think I have found one of my standard scents. Thanks Kaponga!

Here's Looking At You, Cargo

Cargo Matte Beach Blush I have discovered my new favorite makeup line and it goes by the name of Cargo. While I don’t have many products from this line, the ones I do have deliver in a major way. As you might know blush is my most beloved makeup item and the Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife is totally rocking my world. It is a bronzer and blush combo and the colors harmoniously mix together to bestow a golden glow. The best part, in my opinion, is the lack of shimmer. Lately, bronzer and blush have become synonymous with sparkly. And while I like to have this option, I also prefer to be able choose a matte look for my cheeks and place the glittery looks elsewhere like eyes and lips. This blush is perfect for that.

Cargo Eye LighterAnother awesome item from Cargo is Eye Lighter a highligher for your eyes. (Eyelighter, get it?) This is like four products in one and the ultimate pick-me-up for eyes. It is two-sided where one side holds the shimmer powder for the outer corner of eyes and the other for inner corners. It can also be used to highlight the brow bone and to line eyes. Ringing in at 17 dollars, this is some bang for your buck. Each time you open a side, the perfect amount of product is available on a sponge tip — one rounded, the other angular — which pretty much guarantees idiot-proof application. There is no risk of spilling or wasting any of the product. Too boot? The small size and versatility make this a great addition to any purse or makup bag.

They have great eyeshadows and lipglosses too. So, my friends, go forth and sample, buy and revel in the goodness that is Cargo.

Shimmer & Gold

Oh Bobbi Brown, how I love you…

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick One of my all time (read: staple) favorite products is the Shimmer Brick Compact by Bobbi Brown. This 5 color item is super versatile because you can use it on your cheeks and eyes so you don’t have to feel too guilty for forking over 38 big ones! I originally fell in love with this when they first released it in this beautiful bronze color. The shimmer can look a bit daunting but when blended in well you will get nothing but a glamorous look that will work for both day and night. The line subsequently came out with drool worthy colors like peony and apricot. I am still mad I don’t own every single one. I promise you, if you try this, you will receive compliments galore.

Bobbi Brown  Diamond Dust Another yummy product is Diamond Dust. This item is so popular that you may have to wait for your cherry, little package of delight. Let me tell you, though, it is so worth it. Normally I don’t wear a lot of gold — makeup or otherwise — because it doesn’t look great with my skin but I love to participate in the new trends and this is a cool and easy way to do so. This richly pigmented powder opened up my eyes and made me look more awake. Right now, Gilded is the only color the line has created but they are debuting 5 new shades later this month. I, for one, cannot wait!

A Bronzer by Any Other Name

…would not scare the crap out of most women. If this product came in
dissimilar packaging or was advertised as the youth enhancing item it is (instead of sold with the fright inducing tags like self and tan), I know it would sell like hotcakes. Mmmmm….hotcakes. Anyway, I am all about playing up the cheeks so I made it a point to try out countless different bronzers, spend hours reading about and researching the many formulas and consistencies that exist. After all of this, I have come to some conclusions: I have a lot of time on my hands and there are some really great bronzing products out there.

Hi, I’m Ashley… come with me as I list the top 3 bronzers and attempt to encourage all you bronzing virgins out there to try out some bronzin’ lovin’. Please pretend that I didn’t just say “bronzing” like 15 times. I tried to find synonyms for it but all I could find were similar words for effigy and icon. Who knew bronze meant sculpture? Probably you, because you’re smart like that.

Rayz_top Like the famous foundation from the same line, Classified Cosmetics ERA Rayz Bronzer is an airbrushing (read: aerosol spray) product. It is innovative and error-proof. The formula is “oil-free, nourishing, long-lasting” and conducive to most skin types.  Yes it is a bit expensive at $40 but believe me a little goes a long way helping to ensure you will have this product for a long while. If you just can’t justify spending that much dough on one item (and I wouldn’t blame you), this
is a similar product for less money.

MAC Bronzing Powder
Bronzing Powder
comes in 6 colors (3 shimmer, the other 3 matte). Each color “enhances” the skin tone and simultaneously is “long-wearing” and  quot;skin-conditioning.” Just sweep this on the spots of your face where the sun would naturally hit (think forehead, apples of cheeks, bridge of nose, browbones, and chin) with a big fluffy brush. I like this one.

Glamazon The “liquid bronzing tint” of Benefit
gives a “soft, rosy, natural glowing tan,” making the extra time and patience needed to apply the product totally worth it.  I like to use it when I am not putting anything else on my face due it’s natural looking affect. It stays put for hours and feels great on the skin. Always a bonus in my book!

Well there you have it. Have fun experimenting and may the bronzing force be with you!