Hand & Foot Love from Pevonia Botanica

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear caviar? I think “Ewww.” I mean, hey, I know the rich crowd and the food snobs may be all about it with their champagne, but I’ll just have the champagne, thanks. So when I first received Pevonia Botanica’s Youth-Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream, I was a bit apprehensive. What if it smelled terrible!?

pevonia-botanica-youth-renew-caviar-hand-foot-creamLuckily, it didn’t. It has a very light scent, actually. And after doing some research, I discovered that caviar is supposed to provide greater oxygenation to the skin, and we all know hands and feet probably don’t get the circulation and treatment they deserve. You can make it up to your overworked hands and stiletto-wary feet by pampering them with this cream. A little goes a long way, and results are noticeable almost immediately.

It’s rich, silky, luxurious… It’s a resort spa vacation for your hands and feet. It also contains Shea Butter, Marine Collagen, and my favorite: UV protection (age spots, begone!) My only complaint is that  it’s doesn’t come in a bigger package (hint, hint Pevonia!)

Pair it with Pevonia’s Callous-Free Dry Oil for the softest feet (or hands, depending on your line of work) ever. The Dry Oil is, yes, an oil that contains salicylic acid to aid in exfoliation and lavender oil to promote healing, so rub it into those callouses after a hard day of shopping, and wake up with baby soft skin.

Korres Cherry Full Color Lip Gloss

I’m an addict – a lip gloss addict. While I love all beauty products, lip products are my true weakness, especially lip gloss! So you can betcha bottom dollar that I’ve tried every single lip gloss on the market out there. Some are too dry, too sticky, too glossy (is that possible? YES), and then some are juuuust right, until some lame manufacturer decides to discontinue your favorite shade (I’m looking at you, Dior. Bring back #614, k thx!).

korres-cherry-full-color-gloss Anyhow, Korres, whose Pomegranate Moisturizer is the business, came out with the Cherry Full Color Gloss line sometime last summer. I remember passing through a Sephora, trying it, then searching high and low to find it since I didn’t take note of the name back then (rookie mistake!).

It’s paraben and sulfate free, which is very important; contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E to keep lips looking fresh and moisturized, and best of all – it tastes and smells yummy with it’s cherry scent, isn’t sticky or drying, and looks GORGEOUS on. It’s provides a long-lasting sheer pop of color – my favorite colors are Orange 45 (sheer coral orange) and Coral 45 (sheer golden coral) – the most perfect summer colors ever!

To score even more, scope out the Korres Love Your Lips Collection, which includes  3 full size Cherry Full Color Glosses in Light Pink 11 (sheer milky pink), Beige Pink 32 (pink champagne shimmer) and Nude 33 (sheer pinky beige) and a yummy Lip Butter in Pomegranate (sheer coral).

If the kit isn’t your thing, these recessionista faves are only $16 each, so they won’t break the bank!