Ask Billy B a Question

Billy B We’re up and running again and we have good news, we’ll be interviewing world renowned (check out his amazing portfolio!) makeup artist Billy B.

Billy B has worked with celebrity clients such as Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts and now he’s introducing his very own line of makeup brushes. We’ll have the scoop on those as well as talk to Billy B about the latest makeup trends, application tips and ask him your beauty questions. Have you ever wanted to pick a makeup artist’s brain? I know I have so here’s your chance to do just that.

From now until Friday, we’ll be taking your questions and will include them in our interview with Billy B. To ask a question, just submit your question in the comments section. Stay tuned! You may see your questions posted here. smile

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3 Responses to “Ask Billy B a Question”

  1. Grayburn says:

    We’re nearing the end of the year and have seen many looks with all different styles of eye liners. What are the up and coming makeup trends for next year?

  2. Khol Girl says:

    What are the best shadow colors for very dark brown (almost black) eyes? Please give actual examples of brands and colors.

  3. What is your best trick to “light up” a face?

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