Science for Beauty Gals: Aromachology

I’m a common sense scientist (a.k.a. I prefer layman’s terms when it comes to complex matters of chemistry and physics). True story: my worst scholarly moment in college was my “Age of Dinosaurs” class. It’s almost embarrassing. I like to think it was my 1980s Catholic school upbringing — the sciences were just not stressed on me (but I can speed read, so take that!)

But a science that interests me in a way T-Rex never could is the science of scent, a.k.a. Aromachology. There’s a reason that what smells good on my skin might be completely off-putting to you, right? The “aromachologists” behind Aromachology actually study the connection between psychology and scent and the affect it has on behavior.

You may recognize Aromachology, they launched two years ago at Henri Bendel’s in New York with a Custom Perfume Bar.  The line is centered around five base scents: Floral, Fresh, Oriental, Woodsy and Gourmand and comes in fragrances, body lotion, hand wash, room spray, candles that can be for you (truly) and also would make a great gift.

I like the idea of something just for me, so totally appreciate this concept. I tested out the five core scents and had some fun “blind” sniffing them. I also took Aromachology’s scent test to determine what was the best match. It was actually a match in both cases — the Floral Sophisticated & Sensual with notes of white lily, magnolia, tuberose, amber and sandalwood. While it may not be a perfect match with my personality, I also totally love the “totally edible” Gourmand — with notes of Sicilian orange, lemon drop, vanilla, apple, sugar cane and chocolate. It’s delish, truly!

Hop on over to Aromachology and see how your scent story comes together — you may be surprised!

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  1. I took an Age of Dinosaurs class my first semester at UT. It was the hardest thing I ever did!

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