Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration?


Need some ideas for your hair for tomorrow night? There’s no quicker way to add lustre to an outfit than with a main of glossy locks, Argos have come up with the eight on-trend ideas below to get your ‘do looking fabulous fast. If you try something you like, why not give a present to yourself and invest in your tresses? Argos has a hotter-than-hot range of Babyliss hair stylers and handy hair straighteners to help you get the look you love for the whole of 2013. After all, good hair is not just for date night!

Ballerina bun
Messy high-knots have been a hipster staple for a long time now – but a sleek-ified version will add a dash of glamour. Twist your bun at the top of your crown and secure with bobby pins and hair spray, making sure you catch all the loose ends. You could even twist a piece of hair around the base of the bun to neaten it up.

Hair accessories
Wear shorter hair swept to one side – an over-the-top, sequin-encrusted hair band with a detail that starts at your parting will complement shimmering makeup and loose curls.

A messy bee hive
A big, blustery, fluffy bee hive should be worn with smoky eyes and pale lipstick – make sure your fringe is neatly sideswept and accessorise with a black velvet headband for vixen-like, sixties-inspired style.

A crown of heidi-like braids is the perfect trend to work if you’ve got long, thick hair – if you’ve got short, fine, flyaway locks, use plenty of product to make your hair more obedient and experiment with French plaiting your fringe for an original, dressed-up look.

A twist on the retro twist
Part your damp hair messily and twist your hair behind your ears to the nape of your neck – secure with bobby pins and pair with a slick of red lipstick and you’ve got striking vintage style to go – of course, you can always wait until your hair dries and undo for casual, classy, heat-free curls.

Don’t scrimp on the crimp
It’s time to get original with your crimpers: crimp part of your fringe to sass up your style, or get your hair big and cloud-like with a spritz of glitter for a fun, snowpuff style.

Use your hairdryer upside-down to create plenty of volume for this look; it’ll suit whether your hair is short or long. Sweep it back, eliminating any trace of a parting, and make sure you’ve got plenty of definition by running your fingers through your hair and spraying.

Half-dos are a do
Smarten up soft waves by taking two small sections from eyebrow-height at each side of your face and secure at the back with a glittering gold slide, or add glamour to big curls by teasing the crown of your hair at either side of your parting into a volumous half-pony.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Argos.