A Pearly White Smile

Aquafresh’s White Trays are disposable, pre-filled trays that help whiten your teeth. Like many people, I want a pearly white smile and I was intrigued by this product when I was approached to test it. I did have to enlist some help though.

Aquafresh White Trays I have to admit, I had some trouble with this product but it’s not the product’s fault at all, it’s mine. I seem to gag very easily so I had a hard time keeping the trays in my mouth. However, the time that I did spend with this product was already better than my experiences with competing products. With molded trays for your upper and lower teeth, this was a step in the right direction for me. I’m not really a strip type of girl.

Not wanting to give up on the product, I passed in on to a friend with 5 uses left. The product states that you’ll see a whiter smile in 3 days and we were surprised to see that this was true. After 3 uses, his teeth were indeed whiter… 2 shades whiter actually. With each remaining usage, his teeth continued to whiten gradually. While he didn’t use all 7 trays in the product, what we saw in just 5 uses was really encouraging. If you want to get intimately acquainted with a friend’s mouth, just ask them to test a product like this. 🙂

Something worth mentioning is that the trays fit is important for the product to be effective. It may be either too big or two small for some people so that’s something to keep in mind. With that said, I this is a product that we will use again on our own dime.