An Easy DIY Lipstick Palette

Have too many lipsticks and want a better option to carry them around? Jenbabae from the Makeup Alley forums has an easy do-it-yourself lipstick palette you can do at home. All you need is your favorite lip balms or lipsticks, a palette with however many wells you would like (you can find some great empty palettes at Japonesque), 1 teaspoon stainless steel measuring spoon, floss and flame. With that, you can achieve this:

Cute right? I’m going to try this one of these days.

The first step is to take the product you’ll be adding to the palette and use floss to slice through it as shown. Be sure to not do all the product at once or it may overflow when it melts. After slicing the product, place it into the stainless steel measuring spoon.

It will soon look like this. Feel free to stir the mixture using the spatula included in the palette. This isn’t necessary for lip balm, but for lipstick it is recommended. This keeps the shimmer (if applicable to your product) even throughout the mixture. Otherwise it may sink to the bottom of the measuring spoon.

Then slowly pour the mixture into the pan with a steady hand.

Your final product will look like this. Do not disturb it while it solidifies. You will need to repeat this process with each item you add to your palette. This is Jenbabae’s palette.

What would you put in your palette?