American Idol

American Idol's Jordin Sparks I was watching American Idol tonight, and as I do every time I watch, I sat there admiring the make up artist’s work on each of the contestants. This is a picture of Jordin Sparks from a few weeks ago and I thought she looked exquisite. Her eyes were stunning, this seems to be what I notice the most when I watch. Forget Sanjaya’s hair… I want their makeup artists to make me over. Take Lakisha’s makeup tonight for example, she looked amazing. Her cheeks had some soft pink blush on them and it gave her a gorgeous glow. I cannot be the only one thinking this when I watch the show… can I?

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  1. melinda is 29, so she’s not exactly a teen, but yes, i agree, they all went through some pretty serious changes. but they were gradual and natural enough that they all look great. i also love the makeup on AI.

  2. The makeup artist for American Idol is Mezhgan Hussainy (Mish-Con). She is one of the Celebrity Stylemakers on You can get inside info from her and a whole bunch of other top artists in the industry from the site.

  3. Nope, you’re definitely not the only one! I think it’s amazing how they take these rather ordinary people and they make them look better and better every show (and they sound more amazing every time too). Makeup is the ultimate beauty booster! Wonder what they do to the guys?

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