Shaving Gets a Bit Easier

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Foam So as I am always on the quest for the latest and greatest, I came across this new shaving or “Moisturizing Foam” from Alba Botanica. Having never heard of this company, I did some research, tried out the product and quite enjoyed it. Alba Botanica is a very eco-friendly, organic based company. Their products are 100% vegetarian and they claim no animal testing. The shaving foam is heavenly – and a little goes a long way. I tried the Mango Vanilla scent and it was splendid! The shaving foam created a perfect barrier between my legs and razor and when rinsed off, left no residue whatsoever. The product contains a blend of aloe vera, calendula and lavender to keep legs soft and nick free. It also contains a patented foaming technology to prevent razor clogs. It comes in a bright orange container and is great for men and women. The other scents available are Aloe Mint Cream and Coconut Lime. It is not the cheapest of products, at $4.99 for a bottle; but all in all well worth it for an excellent, soft and razor burn free shave. Also, knowing that you are helping protect the environment makes it all worth while.

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  1. this blog was fantastic!!! I have pretty delicate skin and i’m always lookng for new shaving products. thanks for the great tips!! keep ’em coming.

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