Ahhh Ahava

My skin has been at its absolute driest lately, which calls for mega doses of exfoliation and lotion. The lotion part, I have no problem with. Exfoliation, though, is another story – slathering my body in oily, coarse salt scrubs in the shower is so unappealing. I also usually spill half the container of scrub in the shower, making the floor slippery and downright dangerous. Which is why I fell in love with Ahava’s luscious Butter Salt from their Pure Spa line.

Ahava's Uplifting Butter Salt Ahava’s body scrub is completely different for several reasons. It comes in a hearty tub, and the product is dry – no runny oils and slipper salts. Instead, dig your fingers into the tub and pull out a handful of solid product. Wet it lightly and begin to rub into your skin. The Butter Salt begins to melt and slide over your skin, moisturizing and exfoliating at once. The scent is soothing – Mandarin and Cedarwood – and clings lightly to the skin. By the time your scrubbing is complete, the product has evolved into a lotion consistency, sealing in moisture.

Ahava’s product line is based on the healing and anti-aging benefits of natural ingredients pulled from the Dead Sea. If you’ve never explored this line, check it out an Ulta near you.

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  1. I should be working instead of lurking, but am glad to have found your post. Thanks for the product tip – I have been looking for a good scrub – love your blog!

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