AG Hair Firewall: Your Defense Against Fried Ends

As school was coming to an end and finals approached, I never did my hair. Ever. I’m talking straight out of bed and out the door. So it’s safe to say my hair’s much healthier and really should be thanking me for the two week vacation from my flat iron. But as soon as school ended, I found myself using heat again and not wanting to damage my┬ánurtured ends, I stuck with a routine of using heat protectant.

Now I’m typically skeptical about heat protectants (bad, bad experiences) but I gave it a go with AG Hair’s Firewall having high hopes. It’s infused with argan and I think that’s what drew me to it the most, considering argan oil has done wonders to my hair in the past. I gave it bonus points for being in an aerosol can, spray bottles tend to use too much product and leave my hair wet.

When I use Firewall, I spray some product from about my ears down, but mainly on my ends.┬áThen I just go about my routine with straightening my hair. Unlike other protectants I’ve tried, this doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or sticky, but instead silky and smooth. My hair stays straighter, longer, and even helps combat the undeniable frizz that comes with living in Seattle.