Skyscrapper Bangs in Affect

Agbigwigg One of my favorite ways to wear my hair lately is to take most of my longer bangs and pin them back, kind of like a femmebot but without the short bangs and all the height. It may sound a little odd but I think it turns out quite nice. When I want to doll it up a bit, I grab this product: AG Bigwigg Root Volumizer.

This product is really great for giving your hair volume. I have very, very thick hair and if this can give my hair awesome volume, I can only imagine what it would do for people with thinner hair. This product is a spray in mouse and you can spray it directly on roots. This will not leave your hair greasy and that is important to me. With a little teasing and a little root volumizer, I can have femmebot high hair any time I want.

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One Response to “Skyscrapper Bangs in Affect”

  1. Christina says:

    Ha ha – femmebot – you are killng me! I want to see a picture! :)

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