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YoDerm: Visit a Dermatologist From the Comfort of Your Own Home!


My skin is one of my biggest insecurities. Being in my late thirties, every time I break out, I want to hide until my skin is clear. Acne chips away at my confidence at times. It makes me look down and avoid looking people in the eye when they talk to me or shy away from loved ones when they try to touch my face. I can handle bad hair days, that’s easy to hide, but what I hate is bad skin days. You can’t hide that quite as easily.

Because of this, I turned to prescription medication. I’ve visited a handful of dermatologists in the last few years but I didn’t feel like I was actually heard. I walked away with a prescription for spironolactone but no real advice in terms of skincare. I’ve been on spironolactone for a few years now and I’ve seen some improvement in my skin but not as much as I hoped for. I wanted more progress but the dermatologists I saw didn’t offer any other alternatives.

A few weeks ago I began researching a few other prescription medications that I hoped would put an end to my bouts of painful cystic acne. Right when I was considering visiting a new dermatologist to explore this, I received an offer to try a consultation with a dermatologist from The timing was perfect so I couldn’t say no, I was eager to try this service and see what would happen.

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