Monthly Archives: November 2012

On Gaining Perspective and One Love Organics Chia Whip

We’ve been a little quiet on our ends this past week, but our hearts have been heavy thinking of all of our friends and others on the East Coast. Our life stresses and busy schedules seem trivial in comparison to the tragedies we’ve been seeing others experience after Sandy stormed through. Our hearts truly go out to all, and we hope all of our readers and their families are in a good place. We know we’re counting our blessings.

A few weeks ago, I made a skincare discovery that has given me a new perspective on the most routine of tasks; washing my face. I picked up One Love Organics Chia Whip from the Birchbox shop, mainly because I love everything this brand puts out. That remains fact and this face wash is the best foaming face wash ever. The pure organic plant oils of chia, olive, jojoba and coconut make this superior in every way. Bold statement considering I love me so foam, but so many times the formulas disappear quickly and don’t remove makeup.  Right?  Because I use a cleansing oil to start, this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. I love my rituals, and spend a good chunk of time each day cleansing and moisturizing.

Well, OLO’s Chia Whip has made me blissfully lazy. A swipe of eye makeup remover on the eyes and a nice massage with Chia Whip and this girl is done. All traces of makeup gone. No fragrance or other unnatural nonsense to worry about. $28, One Love Organics.

Curl Power! Unleash Your Curls with Paul Mitchell


Have you shared your curl confession yet? Do it now! On November 15th, Paul Mitchell is lighting up New York and Los Angeles to tell the truth about curls and show them off in all their glory. To join in, upload a picture of your own Curl Confessions on the Truth About Curls Facebook app or use Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #curlconfession. Check out the projections in person (locations to be announced on their Facebook page) and scan the QR code, you could win products from the Truth About Curls line!