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DIY Nail Polish Rack!

Confession time: How many of us store our nail polish in a shoebox? Guilty as charged. I’ve been trying to find a better nail polish storage solution so I wasn’t lugging out the 1995 Caboodle (don’t judge me) every time I wanted to have a little me time.

So, the Internet, in its vast knowledge, showed me how to make a nail polish rack with foam board. I watched a ton of YouTube videos and read a lot of tutorials –  you can check some out herehere and here.

So with great joy, I bring you: DIY NAIL POLISH RACK. Woo. Keep reading for step by step instructions.

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Beauty VIP of the Week: Sarah Potempa "The Wrap-Up"

Meet Sarah Potempa’s “The Wrap-Up.” This bendy little contraption is the key to a perfect bun. Be it a chic top knot, a low bun or even a cute tousled, messy-ish “up-do,” The Wrap-Up can do it. Our first experience with Sarah Potempa and her brills Beachwaver Curling Iron (see here for our review) prompted us to immediately try every device she makes. Miss Potempa is the best thing to happen to my hair this year. The Wrap-Up is far easier for me to use than a sock to achieve the perfect bun. For the life of me, I cannot roll and tuck that sock. But I’ve mastered The Wrap-Up. It’s simple.

Or, you could just watch this video for a visual tutorial. I can’t get enough of this, which is why it is this week’s Beauty VIP. The proof is in the pictures….

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Icy and Cool Eyes with NARS Vent Glacé Duo Eyeshadow

What I wouldn’t give for some Vent Glacé right about now. Leave it to NARS to expand our understanding of the French language — Vent Glacé translates to “icy wind.” In fact, all of NARS Fall 2012 collection has us longing for cool fall temps so badly. Autumn Leaves Lipstick, anyone? While we’re still months away from meteorological icy winds, we’ll happily take the NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Vent Glacé in the interim.  A duo of platinum and silver smoke, Vent Glacé is neutral with the NARS twist. The twist in this instance is the green undertones. The platinum is a frosty pale silvery green and the silver smoke is an interesting sage khaki.

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Basking in the ARCONA Glow

The benefits of getting an Arcona facial are plentiful. During the blissful 60 minutes and even in the days following. Those days can best be described as basking in the Arcona glow. With each day post-facial, skin gets brighter and more radiant. I took some vacation days last week (for “birthday week”) and booked an Arcona Facial at the Ruby Room in Chicago. Having had a phenom Acure Facial earlier this year, I was so excited to try their signature Arcona treatment. The Arcona facials differ from the traditional European style facial and instead shed that dead skin with natural fruit enzymes. While the enzymes and steam get to work, you’re treated to a neck and shoulder massage that is heavenly. Paul was my esthetician and he just WORKED my muscles. Dare I say a highlight of birthday week? He also complimented my skin, noting that my collagen levels and elasticity were “excellent.” Sure knows how to make a girl who just entered her 30s feel fab!

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Beauty VIP of the Week: Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick in Au Pair

Vapour Siren Lipstick might just be the most comfortable lipstick I’ve ever worn. The more I wear it, the more I just can’t stop. One, because I’ve found my perfect shade, Au Pair, a rosy pink, and two, because it doesn’t feel like lipstick. Au Pair is from Vapour’s Summer collection, and is a total standout. When you wear a gloss, you usually feel the slip or stick. When you wear lipstick, depending on the finish, you might be worrying about it drying out your lips, fading or lasting. With a balm, it’s all about comfort—assuming it’s not too waxy or thick. With Vapour Siren Lipstick, it’s weightless and has the color intesity of a lipstick in a moisturizing balm. And, there’s no worry about prepping your lips if they’re dry, this will revive them back to their ideal, moisturized state. Honestly, where has this product been all of my life?

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Yarok Feed Your Hair, a Hip Apotheca Future Favorite

Stark Skincare Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm, Jouer Glistening Powder and Tacha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers are a few of my favorite products. Of course, there was a point in time where they were new to me. The discovery and testing of products that will eventually be the ones we can’t live without is what makes the trial and error of being a beauty addict so fun. Channeling this very concept is my new online obsession, Hip Apotheca. It’s an online eco-apothecary that sells some of my existing favorite brands, like One Love Organics and TAY, and others that I am just starting to get to know, like John Masters Organics and Yarok.

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Space NK Beautannia Collection

Space NK Beautannia Brideshead Collection

The Space NK Beautannia collection is quintessentially British and with the Olympics taking in place in London soon, what better time to dive into this collection?

Beautannia is about British bathing re-imagined and consists of three scents: Bloomsbury, Balfour and my personal favorite Brideshead. Bloomsbury is more of a sensual fragrance with notes of neroli, oud and sandalwood at its core while Balfour is more invigorating with green notes of fern, oakmoss and vetiver. For me Brideshead steals my heart with sweet floral notes of wintersweet, honeysuckle and wild bluebell.

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Jouer Launches in Nordstrom

From the first moment I used Joeur Luminizing Moisture Tint, I knew that I’d stumbled onto a brand that was really special. Years later, and many more a-ha/wow moments from Jouer, I realize how right I was. And now I can get my Jouer in Nordstrom!

The brand launched online at Nordstrom and in five stores, including Chicago’s Michigan Ave, Walnut Creek, CA, Santa Monica, CA, Garden State, NJ and and Houston, TX. You can’t see me, but I’m smiling! Jouer is joining a suite of new brands in Nordstrom’s beauty department, including Vincent Longo, Kevin Aucoin and Stila.

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Lady Gaga's New Perfume Fame

Lady Gaga has been teasing her fans with images of her first, upcoming fragrance “Fame”. Now the first image from the ad campaign has been unveiled on The photograph was shot by Steven Klein and features a nude (and masked) Gaga with little men crawling all over her, desperate for a piece of her fame.

This is Lady Gaga’s first fragrance and it’s a collaboration with Haus Laboratories Paris and Coty. The perfume uses a “push-pull” technology, meaning the notes in the fragrance are not part of a composed top, middle or base. The ingredients are mixed to highlight different aspects of each fragrant note at the same time. That said, there are some interesting notes in the fragrance; incense, honey, saffron, apricot, jasmine and tiger orchid.

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Around the World with Kiehl's Aromatic Blends

I am absolutely taken by Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends fragrance. Especially that simple glass bottle. No frills, no flashiness. Just a light, fresh fragrance. Aromatic Blends includes four scents in three products, Skin Softening Lotion, Skin Softening Cleanser and Fragrance, using ingredients from around the world.

“The goal here was to scour the Earth for the best ingredients, and create fragrances that are of the highest quality with simple, clear and unique constructions, where customers can truly experience the purity of the fragrances while being transported to the origin of sourcing. This is the Kiehl’s way.”
– David Suffit, Assistant Vice President, Fragrance Development

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